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By truflip
May 13, 2006
  1. Im lookin for a 2GB DC kit that would server me well.. I set a budget of $200-250 and luckily I found two (OCZs) or three kits that I might want. they both have a $40 MIR 'cept for the Mushkin.

    Please note these are CANADIAN DOLLARS

    $240 ($200 after MIR) OCZ EL Platinum DDR400 2-3-2-5

    $250 ($210 after MIR) OCZ EL Gold GX XTC DDR500 3-4-3-8

    $260 (no MIR) Mushkin XP DDR500 3-4-3-8

    I dont even really know if I want the Mushkin but someone pointed it out to me n said they are good too..

    Anyway between the OCZ's it seems like its a timing vs. bandwidth that Im gonna be debating through tonight. Im not hardcore at OC'ing, I do light OC's to improve my CPU's power. Running my ram on dividers isnt a problem but 1:1 would be better.

    Which would you get? I am currently reading on the timing vs bandwidth and a lot of articles seem biased and do synthetic test. reading these things can be very tiring esp when you read 4 and 2 says timings are better and the other 2 sides with bandwidth. Anyway I hope someone here have first hand experience and knowledge about this on AMD systems. It would really save me a lotta time reading up stuff.

    SO the question is, OCZ with low timings or OCZ/Mushkin with high bandwidth?

    my specs are:
    AMD64 Venice DH-E6 3000+
    eVGA 133-K8-NF43 Motherboard
    eVGA 7600GT CO
    512MB Samsung Generic PC3200
    120GB Samsung HDD 5400RPM
    Pioneer DVR-108 DVD±RW
    Lite-on LTR-48246S CD-RW
    Fortron 450Watt PSU 36AMP Dual 12V
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    anyone? ? .
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