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Dec 2, 2007
  1. there's no such thing as a dumb question. you're learning and we're here to help :D.

    it actually answers your question on the site itself. (motherboard section). every motherboard has a set group of speeds of megahertz that it can support. that motherboard supports up to, the highest, 800mhz. and the RAM you chose is 1066. it will NOT work. pc2 6400 is different from pc2 8500.

    when i got here, i learned that you can't half-@$$ these things. computer compatibility relies on EXACT specifications.

    by the way, the relation between pc2 6400 and the 800mhz speed is, you divide the 6400 or whatever that number happens to be by 8. and that gives you the ram speed. 6400/8= 800. 8500/8 is roughly 1062.5 but it's rounded up.

    what's the bottom line?
    the motherboard will tell you exactly what RAM it supports. look for the appropriate ram based on that. it says it will use ddr2 800. so find that. or if you want the faster RAM, find a motherboard that will support it.

    you may be able to find a better deal for this sort of thing on newegg.com. they have an excellent search engine, low prices, and a wide array or products.
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    thanks so much, it helped a lot
  3. glad to be of service :D
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    My IBM Thinkcenter has 3 ram modules 2 x 256 and 1 x 512MB
    all PC2-3200 DDR2 400/mhz SDRAM.
    I just bought a 1 gb ram module PC2-5300 667/Mhz DDR2 and
    everything works great. I thought a higher speed module would clock
    down to the lowest speed module.
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