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Oct 27, 2004
  1. I have kingston hyper X 256x2 Ram. I am trying to set my ram for best performance while doing some mild overclocking. It's timings come at 2-2-2-6. I have found that I cannot run it a 200mhz or it will freeze when stressed. Why is that? I have to back it down to 166. Also, how do you determine the best settings for you ram. BTW it is pc3200 400Mhz
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    What is your memory voltage at? Those chips should have a voltage of 2.6 according to their specs, so if you're running lower than that it's not too surprising that you can not reach stock speed.

    If you are running with voltage at 2.6, then you could have gotten "faulty" chips. (Faulty in that they can not reach the adverticed speeds).

    What motherboard are you running them in? And what PSU do you have?
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    Could be PSU i suppose, but for all its worth, try bumping them upto 2.7v if they are already at 2.6 :)
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    I have a MSI neo 2 plat. Sorry I took so long to reply. Core center says that I am running memory at 2.7. I will have to look in bios because I didn't think I was that high. Anyway, Everything is working fine. I think I had some corrupted video drivers. But the last I checked running the memory at 200 mhz wouldn't work. My psu isn't a name brand, but it has at decent 12v line, at least 24. thanks
  5. nate39

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    I checked in bios. My memory was at 2.6 so I upped it to 2.65. I notice that as I overclock, my memory speed goes up as well. If I set my memory to 200mhz then it shoots way up over 200 mhz. Is this why it locks up? Do I have to up the speed by overclocking my system?
  6. MrGaribaldi

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    Sorry, then I don't know...
    Have you checked with the manufacturer if they've had any faulty batches lately?

    If they're of no help, then hopefully someone else here will notice this thread and reply :)
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