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Sep 10, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I have an Acer Aspire 1705SCI which is supposed to be able to handle 2GB of ram. I had already a ram bar of 256MB installed (Nanya 256MB PC2700 DDR-333MHz-CL2.5 NT256D64S88B1G-6K). Afterwards I installed a ram bar of 1GB (Kingston 1GB PC2700 CL2.5 184-Pin DIMM KVR333X64C25/1G). The first time I started the laptop there were no problems. But afterwards it keeps restarting when I try to start it... I still have the problem even if I only put the 1GB ram bar in the laptop. Is there a way to get rid of this annoying problem ?

    Thomas Lafon
  2. Liquidlen

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    Welcome to Techspot
    It is never a good idea to mix different brands of Ram ,Since your having troubles after removing the Nanya stick.I would tend to think that you may have a bad stick.
    Did you confirm at the Aspire website as to the recommended brand and model that is for your machine? .Portables have very specific hardware demands.
    Have you tried a memory test?
    Are there any errors in your system Event veiwer?
  3. Thomaslafon

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    There are some errors in my event viewer... I haven't done any memory test, could you please advice me for one ? And no I didn't confirm at the Aspire websites...

    Thanks for replying,
    Thomas Lafon
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  5. Liquidlen

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    Post the errors in your event veiwer, also!
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