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Jun 19, 2005
  1. G'day all, this is my first post, so be gentile.

    I'm considering upgrading my RAM and so have some questions.
    I have 128M with pentium III 700MHz and running Japanese Windows ME in a 2000 model NEC laptop. Have reduced startup menu and custonised AV software to minimise resource consumption. System runs ok but tends to stress out when running several programs simultaneously or after being on for long time. I've read that extra RAM is the single most effective performance enhancement for the money.

    Would extra RAM give a significant improvement ?

    Can windows ME actually effectively manage extra RAM ?
    Thought I heard somewhere that too much RAM is a waste since windows couldn't really utilise it.

    Since my pc is Japanese I can't find it's model in Crucial or Kingston and the Crucial "scan" didn't work either !

    Have a good one
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    yes it sure as hell would! you'll notice the hugest leap in performance to 256 MB, which should cut it. i reccomend you get another 128 MB stick. 512 MB is probably the limit of your board (as is most PIII chipsets).
    windows me is in the same boat as 95/98 when it comes to reliability. windows me cannot stay on for long periods of time on account of chronic problems the kernel suffers, such as chronic memory 'leakage' and gdi discrepencies. if your fsb and ram are both running at 133 MHz, then windows xp could be run great on your computer (if you add at least 128 mb of ram). windows xp is solid nt-based stuff and can stay on for very long periods of time, and it runs the computer more efficiently for multitasking.

    the bottom line is: get yourself another 128 MB stick of ram and a copy of windows xp.

    what chipset do you have?
  3. Patosan

    Patosan TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Well the plot thickens,

    I went to the local guy here in Japan, he checked the internet and claimed that the max for my pc would be 256M. The good news was that he has 2 such sticks. The cheaper (generic) didn't work so I got the Samsung stick.

    While checking with him in the shop we tried both the new 256 & old 128 TOGETHER and to his surprise the pc worked. He however confidently stated that it would have troubles so be ready to take out the old stick soon. OK.

    Getting home I tried out the new stick ... yes there is a vast improvement in speed, absence of heat, etc. I then tried it with BOTH sticks and kept the pc ON all night with 3 programs running. Well it's still going and not even hot.

    So was the shop guy checking the right things re max stick size ?

    Can I in fact use a single 512M stick ?

    How can I check motherboard or chip set numbers, so I can do some research ?

    If I go back to him soon with data and info I'm sure he'll oblige with further assistance and get the best stick at possibly even a better price.
    Any advice ?

    Have a good one
  4. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    you'll need to post detailed information about your computer and its parts here before anyone can answer your questions.
  5. Patosan

    Patosan TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 35

    Yeah ... therein lies my problem ... I don't know how to get the motherboard or chipset data.
    My pc books are all in Japanese literally, so I asked how to do this in my last post.
    The Japaneses models are different to those in US or Oz, not only in name.
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