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Jun 20, 2006
  1. Hello. I wan't to buy some new ram (512 to be exact), only I don't which type of it I have (SDRAM, DDR SDRAM etc). Where can I see this information? And what else do I have to look at when buying ram, so it would work on my PC ?
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    download everest home edition or CPU-z. either one will tell you. or we can tell you if you give your system specs

    what is your system? (if it's a branded PC, then just the brand and model number will do, if it's custom built, then individual specs)

    the reason I ask is that depending on your specific hardware and computing requirements, there may be more benefits to a different memory configuration than simply adding a 512mb stick.
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    Well I tested it with everest, it seems that I have sdram type of memory, but what else I need to look at? I placed the report here: jauninjais.eclub.lv/Report.htm
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    yes and no. you do have SDRAM, but not just plain SDRAM.

    your mobo supports DDR400 (PC3200) DDR-SDRAM.

    what I couldn't figure out however is if that via chipset supports dual channel or not.

    why do you feel you need the additional 512MB anyways? and how did you pick that number?

    while it is not always required, it is always recommended that you use matched sticks of RAM. you don't want to mix different RAM sticks (they may work fine, but many times cause errors or crashes, and it may even refuse to boot)

    if you dont do any gaming or video editing, then 512MB is all you need, so in that case another 256MB (the same as your current stick) will be sufficient.
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    unfortunately I do some gaming :)
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