By comp_noob14
Apr 13, 2007
  1. kenm

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    It should work fine with that computer. Try booting the machine with just the new stick of memory installed. If it doesn't work it is most likely a bad stick of memory. There may also be a problem with the memory slot on the motherboard that you tried. Try it in different slots. How many memory slots are on that board? I'm guessing four possibly. Also be careful installing the memory, make sure the machine is unplugged and dissipate all the stored energy in the machine by hitting the power button after it is unplugged. I only mention this because I have fried memory by forgetting this.
  2. comp_noob14

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    Ive booted with just the new ram in either slot and nothing has worked. It has 2 slots supports up to 2 gigs and im only trying to put in 1 gig via 2 512 sticks one is stock one is the kingston i linked. i'm going to take it back down later to see if i cant get a new stick. makes me mad lol Office Depot....i blame them~
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