Random blue screens/crashes

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Mar 31, 2007
  1. My computer is not that old. My spec are in my signature. I recently installed a network card and moved in to the bottom so it doesn't block air flow through the gfx card. I'm sure its not overheating becasue an hour into playing Guild Wars i just freeze, then the mouse freezes, then i get a blue screen or it stays frozen. I cleaned out my computer, and it has numerous fans.

    Her are my two minidumps. This doesn't happen all the time. But from last night to today it's breen happening very frequently.

    ps I also moved around my RAM card to make sure it wasn't a bad slot
  2. raybay

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    Check first for something loose... or bent... Remove and reseat all cables. Look for dust and pet hair embedded around the CPU fan, power supply components...
    Do the obvious things like replacing the mouse with a borrowed one. Disconnect as many components as possible, then see where it starts to break down as you reconnect them.
  3. Route44

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    Dump 205-01 - points to afd.sys, error code 0x93 and INVALID_KERNEL_HANDLE

    As with error messages it can be many thing, but one thing I did read was that this error can occur when adding new hardware.

    Dump 0705-01 - ati2dvg.dll which is an ATI graphics driver fault. There is a lot on the 'net concerning this. I have a post 2 or 3 pages back of my own trying to figure it out. I received it when I upgraded to the newest version of Kerio firewall. by the way, i have the same video card as you.

    I believe there probably was a conflict that occured when I first initialized the new Kerio drivers.

    I am wondering if your new network card is the cause of both dumps.
  4. BryanAU

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    well both dumps were awhile ago i presume. i installed the network card like a week ago and everything has been fine and ifi did freeze it was only one time it justh as been crazy the past couple of days. i reinstalled my drivers, moved my network card farther away from the gfx card. Nothing is unplugged, full of hair or loose. Could it be...that under System -> Hardware -> Device manager -> Display Adapters -> Sapphire RADEON X800XL and Sapphire RADEON X800XL Secondary. Should i disable either one fo these? Or am i better off reformatting my computer haha
  5. Route44

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    No, you don't need to disable either one of those. And reformatting would be overkill at this juncture. Are you still getting BSoDs?
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