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Random BSOD's: 7F, 8e, a, 50

By masda70 ยท 4 replies
Aug 3, 2005
  1. Been trying to fix my random crashes and sudden reboots for a while now (no BSOD) with no big luck, I think I have fixed causes of an USB crash I had and a non random nvidia driver crash (used drive cleaner then reinstalled the driver). I think it started with BSOD's and that made me stop using a chat application that ran many scripts (most of the crash dumps were pointing at it...) but that didn't really fix it. I have also tried many hardware test software such as memtest, burnintest (tested almost everything for long periods) and even formatted my primary hard drive to reinstall windows XP... but after a while the same kind of crashes started happening. It might also be the drivers I reinstalled but I am not really sure and since I made some hardware testing, it's hard for me to really say what thing is the real culprit. These last days I had two nvidia driver crashes (in 2 different dlls) and then tried driver cleaner, I have had no more news about it... yet?
    Well if it's my hardware, it might be related with memory, or even power source... (I have been reading other people BSOD causes talking about power). I know memtest is not reliable, but I have actually done like 12 passes (in 2 different moments) and the burintest program tested all my hardware at once for about 17 hours with no luck ;o, so I am really confused :).

    I don't know if I should downclock my memory (it is set to auto, and the manufacturer site has a N/A link in my memory specs, whereas other models are correctly linked) and test stuff like that, or even install an older nvidia driver (I bought this computer recently and never had problems like this at start) .

    The crashes are mostly random, perhaps I am surfing on the internet, gaming, playing audio, working on some .doc file...

    Anyways, I will attach my 7 last memory dumps so you can check and maybe find some good advice to solve this issue. (I included the 2 nvidia recent crashes I have mentioned previously)

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention I have experienced Windows Freezing but I have no overheat/bad voltage problems since I run Intel Active monitor all the time and everything is always running like it should.

    Also uploaded an AIDA report (computer specs), my Windows is in spanish so some windows drivers are in spanish.

    Attached Files:

  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    I've studied your minidumps and it is faulty RAM. Although two minidumps reported the nVidia Display card driver is the culprits and I believe they crash due to faulty RAM.

    1. Reseat memory stick to another slot.
    2. Downclock the RAM
    3. Take out a memory module if you have more than 1 memory module. Diagnostic which memory module. If you can use memest to stress test the RAM. However some faulty RAM can pass memtest.

    Your VID driver is very new Maybe it is unstable. You can install nVidia display card driver 61.77 which is a stable version.
  3. masda70

    masda70 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To another slot hmm, that's interesting, I am currently running 2 256 MB DDR sticks in dual channel, but I remember that they still need an order in each channel, or am I wrong? Like a month ago I reseated them (in the same slot) to clear any dust I could find.

    But anyways thanks for clearing out some doubts ;). Will try and see what I can do, because I have low knowledge about memory clocks and stuff.
  4. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Posts: 75

    If you have a second PC or just some Spare RAM lying around (I oddly have 9 sticks of RAM in my drawer, pity they're all 128mb at 133mhz) swap it with the RAM you have at the moment. By the way do you know, wanted to ask you if you knew how reliable that burnintest program was as my I passed it onto my friend whose had some problems.
  5. masda70

    masda70 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Someone told me that the company where he had worked, before they would deliver a computer to a customer, always tested them with BurnInTest for quite a good while (like 24h). Well he said it was a good tool and it basically tests all your computer hardware at once then logs every thing that would fault in the process. As you can see, depending on whatever is not working in your computer it will find the error quickly or it might take a good while, in my case it didn't find any but my crashes are completely random, sometimes I get no error for about 3 days then other days it crashes 3 times in on afternoon... Maybe it's just my bad luck.
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