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Random Computer Problems

By Doomhammer ยท 6 replies
Apr 11, 2007
  1. I have a
    AMD 64 3700+ 2.4Ghz
    1 gig of Ram
    3 Hard Drives (2 SATA, 1 IDE)
    ASUS K8V SE Motherboard
    NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT

    My computer is roughly a year old. Around a month ago, it began having Kernel Stack Inpage Errors whenever accessing certain applications. I determined the cause to be a corrupt system drive, which I then removed and replaced. Since then, my computer has been having several new issues with it. It fails to render program icons, instead displaying them as a mass of pixels. It is explained better by the picture

    It also crashes back to kernel errors, however these are much less frequent, and happen regardless of what application I am accessing.

    The computer will also randomly freeze up for between 2 and 10 seconds, seemingly at random.

    I have had to boot from the Windows CD 3 times, due to a failure to boot. All 3 happened over the course of a single day, and have not happened again since.

    Finally, earlier today, my computer failed to boot normally, or in safe mode. When I came back in an hour, it told me "'One of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by use of a log or alternate copy. The recovery was successful.'"

    Does anyone have any idea what the symptoms might indicate, and what I could do to fix it? I'd appreciate any help
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    What I would do first is attempt a repair install to get your data off the drive, if the data on your drive is wanted. If a repair install is out of the question, I would slave the drive into a known good system with updated av and recover any wanted files I could. Then I would check the memory in the problem system for errors via memtest or the like. If memtest passes sans error, I would then check the drive via a utility, usualy that recommended by the drive's maker. If the drive is ok, I would zero write the drive with dban (Derek's boot and nuke as found on the ultimatebootcd) and then reinstall the os and apps. Heat and serve.
  3. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    test ram with memtest 86+

    test your PSU with a tester or voltmeter.
  4. Doomhammer

    Doomhammer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    New error. Without doing anything other than playing WoW for a while, my computer blue screened to a Kernel Stack Inpage Error. Whe I attempted to reboot, i was given the message

    NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart

    anyone know what causes this/how i can fix it?
  5. beef_jerky4104

    beef_jerky4104 Banned Posts: 822

    I have had the NTLDR problem before. It was caused by the system disliking my CD-ROM/HDD setup. It also stopped me from formating. I don't remeber how I fixed it. But I do know I learned from the internet. Google NTLDR is missing and you will find your answer.
  6. raspygold

    raspygold TS Rookie

    Basically, the NTLDR is your computer telling you it can't find any operating system.

    When you load into the Windows Recovery console using your windows CD does it display your windows installation? If not, there is something wrong with your HDD or files on your HDD.

    I had this problem not so long ago when some malware managed to completely delete all of my partition tables - I wasn't too excited about it.
  7. kenm

    kenm TS Rookie

    I've had this happen after the power almost went out. It scrambled some of the boot sector of the HDD and took out one memory module. Did you have any kind of power problems in your area before this happened?
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