Random freeze

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Aug 29, 2007
  1. Hi!

    My first post in here. I`m in Finland, so sorry my bad english.

    Sometimes my computer screen goes black when i play. Computer stop responding and i only can press reset button.
    Battlefield 2 crash in different way. Sometimes i can play 1-2 hour and then everything stop (freeze) but still i can hear sounds.

    Third thing.. When i go to atitool and i press show 3dview button, screen goes black in few seconds and then evererything goes on and picture came back.

    Computer: C2D E4300, Abit AB9 Pro, 2GB ddr2 pqi, Club 3d X1950 Pro, Zalman vf-900cu, Creative X-fi, Antec NeoHe 430w, Antec Slk3000b, Benq fp91gx lcd monitor.

    Windows xp pro sp2, avast antivirus.

    Can anyone help me?

    Edit: Temperatures is ok. CPU idle 43c, "burn" 65c.
    GPU idle 40c, "burn" 53c.
  2. rickk1

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    My guess is that your computer's virtual memory is low. You may have 2gb of ram but your system may have software that is hogging resources.

    When was the last time you rebooted?

    How many icons are showing up down by your clock on the lower right side of the desktop? More than 2-3? It is possible you need to reconfigure your startup programs.

    Click start then run then type the following command: msconfig

    After typing msconfig, click ok. When the configuration window is opened, locate and click on the tab call startup. While this window is open, surf to http://sysinfo.org/startuplist.php

    Leave the webpage open and then while looking at the config window under that startup tab, notice there are checkmarks next to items listed. Each item listed is a program that is running all the time. Some programs may be turned off and others not. Enter the item's name into the search function of sysinfo's webpage then click search. Read the info given about it then decide to remove or keep the checkmark for that item.

    Note that turning off an item does not prevent it from ever running again...it merely prevents it from running all the time. Removing the wrong checkmark may also prevent your system from protecting itself or possibly booting. Be careful what you disable.

    After you have gone all the way through the startup list, click on Apply then OK then reboot your system.

    Try this and let me know.
  3. Tumppu86

    Tumppu86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have 3gb virtual memory.

    I usually reboot many times in day.

    I have 5 icons in left side of the clock.

    That msconfic place is ok. There is 5 items enabled. Just those what i needed.

    More tips?
  4. rickk1

    rickk1 Banned Posts: 68

    Have you ever checked your hard drive for errors? Click start then click on "my computer" then upon locating "c" drive, right click on "C" drive and then left click on properties. Locate and click on the tools tab. At the top of the tools list, click on "check now" then place a check mark into both empty boxes then click "start". You will then receive a message telling you that you need to schedule this during boot. Click on Yes to schedule it then click apply then ok and then reboot your system.

    This will take approximately 45 minutes to complete, depending on how big your hard drive is and how fast your system is. Note that during the error checking that you cannot use the computer.

    Another guess is that your computer is getting hot. Is it well ventilated? Have you ever opened it up and checked to see how much dust or dirt is inside? If you see alot of dirt or dust buildup aka dust bunnies, unplug your computer then take it perhaps into your garage or basement or out on the porch and get a can of compressed air and blow out all those dust bunnies. Then close the cpu and rehook all the cables and boot it again.

    Another guess is that you've installed a microsoft update called kb927891. There is an update for this problem. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...cd-a0b9-497e-8a89-404327772e5a&DisplayLang=en
  5. Tumppu86

    Tumppu86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just checked those hard drive errors. No errors showed up.
    My c-drive just have windows so error check is quick.

    My computer is "cool". Processor burn temparature is 65 celcius and video card maximum 53 celcius.
    No dust or dirt inside the case.
    I have two 120mm akasa fans in my case.

    Cables are ok. I think the problem is video card. What you think about that?
  6. rickk1

    rickk1 Banned Posts: 68

    The problem could be lots of things. That is why we call it troubleshooting. How many mb does your video card have? What are the system requirements of your game that is has problems with? When was the last time you updated your video drivers?

    When was the last time you defragged your system? Or cleared your temp cache?
  7. Tumppu86

    Tumppu86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It have 256mb.
    Most of time i play battlefield 2 and my computer is "over kill" for that.
    Last time when i updated video drivers is yesterday. I usually update drivers when newer is available.

    I usually defrag my system every day :D

    Temp cache is cleared yesterday. I use ccleaner program for that.
  8. rickk1

    rickk1 Banned Posts: 68

    You say your computer is overkill. Have you upgraded your powersupply too? Not enough wattage may prevent some hardware from operating correctly and some hardware may rob other hardware for wattage.

    When you're running a program that usually makes your system freeze, I suggest that you open task manager and leave it open to the processes tab so that when it does freeze up, you can see which process is outrageously high.

    How old is the game you're running? Does your hard drive have write caching enabled? Which setting does your hard drive have...optimized for performance or optimized for easy removal? Your settings can be viewed via the device manager then opening the appropriate device and clicking the policies tab.
  9. Tumppu86

    Tumppu86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, i`m upgraded my powersuply. I`t is Antec Neo-He 430w. It had 3x16A 12Volt rails.

    I can`t do that task manager thing. When system freezes only way go on is push power button and start the system again. So i can`t go look the task manager when system freezes.

    Battlefield 2 is 2-3 years old. And i play far cry, half life 2, and newest age of empires and those games have same freezing thing.

    Yes, write caching is enabled. And optimize for performance is enabled.
  10. rickk1

    rickk1 Banned Posts: 68

    Open the task manager and it will stay up on the desktop, not minimized, as you use your computer.
  11. Tumppu86

    Tumppu86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

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