Random Freezes?

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Feb 1, 2007
  1. I currently have an ATI x700 and I ran it for I would guess 9 - 12 months, not quite sure with no real problems I can remember. But at the end of that time frame, my video card seemlingly died. I'd be playing a game, and it would just freeze everything. And after the first reboot, it wouldn't even load my desktop before freezing again. So I shelfed it. then after 4 months my friend wanted to look at it cause he wasn;t convinced it was dead, and he put it in his side computer at his house, and it fired up first try. I was baffled. But then was re-dissapointed when it froze again while in the middle of a PC game, but was just hoping it was bad luck. So I brought it home, and played with it in my comp for abotu 2 weeks before it froze again. But I restarted and it continued to work for about the rest of the day, and I genreally had to reboot once a day for two or three days till eventually my computer just wouldn't display any video on a power up. So I put it in my extra computer here at my house and its been running for 4 days now no problem. Any one have any idea what might cause my video card to lock up so randomly? Is it getting too hot? the fan still works, i've checked. I have a 250w power supply, is that not enough to play play a graphics intensive game on my x700 card. Is it even possible to have enough PSU to load the desktop and funtion, and at the same time not enough power for a high demanding video game? I wouldn't think it would make a difference. But I'm out of ideas. Any help appreciated.
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    Yes, it is possible. When playing a game, the card draws more power from the PSU since it is doing more work than when it is at the desktop. 250W is too low for a 6200, let alone an X700 which is the ATi equivalent of the GeForce 6600GT. What PSU does the other PC in ur house have? (the one the card works properly in) I'm guessing it's atleast 300W...
  3. drew24

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    Actually its exactly 300w
  4. tweakboy

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    Make sure your not OCing in any way,

    Boot into safe mode and run driver cleaner pro, remove ATI,

    reboot and install latest official catalyst drivers, gl,
  5. drew24

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    I have a better idea of whats going wrong now that i've played with a few things. I haven't had a chance to try what you said tweakboy - I'll do that next. But I've swapped powersupplies and my computer isn't displaying any video still. It's acting like my monitor isn't plugged into the video i know this because I unplugged my monitor from everything, and it looked exactly the same. The computer boots up, everythign starts running, the fan on the video card is even running, but no display on my monitor. Could this be a bad AGP slot on my MoBo?
  6. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Yes it is probably that or the card may not be seated properly. Try re-seating it. Otherwise, the slot or even the mobo is probably dead.
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