Random Freezing

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Oct 5, 2006
  1. Hey

    this is the problem

    Brothers computer keeps locking up after about 5minutes to about an hour of being on, it jsut flat out freezes, keyboard light stuck on ect

    when it reboots
    (sometimes it will boot but no bios beep no signal or it will beep but no signal on monitor) , after a few tries it will boot and get a GPU recover error but not always
    also his wireless NIC is very low signal when the router is one room away
    the voltage on the 12 volt worries me so im thinknig ti is the psu
    12 volt is 11.67
    -12 is 11.63
    is that normal?

    this has been happioning for a month or 2 but hanst gotten bad till resently
    btw the cpu is t a nice 30c and the gpu heatsink isnt even hot to the tutch on crashes

    Any ideas
  2. Rik

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    It would be useful if we knew what the pc is and what version of windows its running, it does sound like the poor old psu is on its way out tho. What make and wattage is it?
  3. swker98

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    it was prebuild and it dosnt have the wattage on it
    specs are nforce 3, amd 2200+, upgraded to a 9600pro, 40gb WD, 2x256mb ram

    will prob sawp out the psu soon
  4. Rik

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    The wattage of the psu will be printed on a label on the side of it somewhere!!!
  5. LTK

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    Hello everybody, I'm glad to injoy in this site, thanks
  6. korrupt

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  7. wolfram

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    Hello and Welcome to Techspot :) (not the appropiate place hehe)


    You said that the GPU's heatsink isn't too hot to the touch when it crashes. Maybe it's mounted improperly, and the GPU may be running too hot, and you don't know about it. If the card has a temp sensor, I recommend to check its temperature when gaming (of course, if it doesn't crash before you can check it :p )

    Regards :wave:
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