Random reboot/INtroduction

By AjaxVCU
Mar 5, 2004
  1. What's up everyone, I was just looking around for some solution on random rebooting; ran into this place.

    I read most of the stuff up for random rebooting, going through all the segested steps. I know its not temperature, or drivers. Pretty sure its not the video card, that leaves the ram or screwed up Mobo. If someone has something new to suggest let me hear it.
  2. g0nads

    g0nads TS Rookie

    random reboot

    Hi Ajax...

    I have dealt with numerous random rebooting problems in my job as programmer/tech support for 12 years. I have also read the seemingly endless posts on endless forums on this topic.

    From my experience, I have found that most of the time [guessing about 80-90%] the problem is the power supply... or should I say the failing power supply. Most power supply units (PSU) are generic and like most electronic components that are used frequently - they wear out... GRADUALLY.... voltages tend to spike and initiate a system reboot [like a power surge during a bad storm]. With this said, I would recommend you replace the power supply FIRST.

    PSUs are generally inexpensive when compared to ram, cpus, cooling systems, mobos, etc... if this does not correct your problem... you have a new power supply and you have eliminated one of the main random reboot variables... a small price to pay when you are looking for a 'bargain' resolution to your problem [doing it yourself].

    I have also noticed that some advice is to check your CPU temperature, but I find this distressing because generally... if a cpu has a cooling problem and overheats, the action would not be a reboot, but a system shutdown. Rebooting with a smoking CPU defeats the purpose of the heat-safety programming within the CPU.

    I hope this helps... even in some small way.

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