Random resets? Tried everything, heres the info

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Oct 9, 2006
  1. Well my computer started randomly resetting itself recently. I slowly troubleshot it but recently im to my wits end. I have replaced the ram, upgraded power supply. Graphics Card, but only thing left is motherboard. It seemed to happen around the time of the new video card and memory. But cant pinpoint it.

    Gigabyte ga-7vaxp

    Ati Radeon 9200 256mb 8x agp

    Sound Blaster Live 5.1 w/ live drive

    one tdk burner

    one liteon dvd burner

    Three 120gb hard drives

    Dynex 500w power supply

    i have one stick of 512mb of ram pc2700 that was in the computer before, but i do have another fresh in the box 512mb pc2700/3200 stick of kbyte memory.

    Operating System: Fresh install of Windows XP Pro SP2

    Graphic card drivers are the newest beta catalyst drivers with .NET framework 1.1.

    When the computer resets it seems to hang for a few seconds. than the screen will go all crazy looking, and a blue screen of death is behind it. Before i could read them without it being garbled and it usually was ati2diag.dll related.

    If anyone needs anymore info let me know i will provide it asap and any suggestions can help.
  2. Superinc

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    overheating processor .. you didnt even mention what kind you had .. so that probably it.

    or memory failure.

    update your video drivers as well.
  3. Rik

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    Is it catalyst 6.9 you are using? I have been told that anything below a 9600 wont work properly with it. I cant confirm this as i have not tried 6.9 and am a little reluctant to as i have a 9550!!!!
    I currently use catalyst 6.8 with no troubles!!!
  4. korrupt

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  5. inpherno3

    inpherno3 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    it isnt a overheating processor, i have had a fan blowing from the outside into the case and it has still done it. I have a AMD Athlon 1900+. Sorry about that i knew i left one detail out!

    @rik ya i think its the 6.9 beta drivers. They seem to work great, except for the random reset im getting lol
  6. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Try catalyst 6.8 and see if the problem persists. Make sure you uninstall all the parts of 6.9 in add/remove programs first tho!!!!!
  7. inpherno3

    inpherno3 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks for the advice. Sadly though i have tried this with no avail. I will try these again, as a driver issue i would think would cause more problems than this (being random and all). Seems as a heating issue is the problem. But i know its not cause of the box fan i had against it..... weird, im gonna download that speedfan program to see how the 12v rails are doing. and later tonight i will downgrade the drivers and report back.
  8. inpherno3

    inpherno3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    all the rails are looking fine, well above and within specs.
  9. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    What about the temperatures?
  10. inpherno3

    inpherno3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    all is well

    all of them are perfectly fine. one HD was running a TAD warm but the fan that i put next to the box fixes that problem. It just locked up on me again. Not sure what to do now, other than put my old 64mb video card back in and see if that fixes the problem. Not sure what else there is to do. Im completly stumped...... everything has been changed. except for the motherboard. Which is my last resort.
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