Random restarts during game

By anbdesigns
Jan 26, 2007
  1. Preface:
    I bought all the parts for a new PC, assembled, didn't POST or beep. After a few RMAs and more testing, it turns out I had a bad case speaker & a bad stick of RAM.
    Finally I get the thing up & start installing Windows XP Home w/SP2. Near the end, it says it needs some files from a SP2 disc. The XP CD I have has SP2 included. So anyway, I hit cancel or whatever & let it finish. Once to the desktop, I tried to install my onboard lan/audio drivers, but there were some MS files missing, so I rebooted & repaired Windows, which seemed to fix the problems.

    Now for the actual problem.
    I'll be playing a game, and at some point, the PC restarts on me or just hangs with a black screen. Sometimes it gives me a STOP error, sometimes not.
    I've tried so many different things, I couldn't tell you if it was after a new driver or what.

    Also, here are things I've tried:
    -Made sure all drivers & BIOS were up to date
    -Different video drivers(beta & from other sites)
    -Different audio drivers(Realtek & ECS chipset)
    -Different video card(Geforce 7900GS -> Radeon x1600 Pro)
    -Installed an old PCI-128 Sound Blaster card & disabled onboard.
    -AMD Dual Core Optimizer
    -Windows Hotfix for dual-core CPUs
    -Changed affinity for the game's process (so it's only using 1 cpu). This has to be done every time, but after crashing still, I haven't bothered doing it again.

    I've attached a dxdiag report and the 3 minidumps I've gotten so far, as well as a screenshot using SpeedFan.

    I'll go back to playing & see if it gives me another STOP error.

    Just crashed in-game again (screen went black) & had to hit the reset button. No STOP error, so it's possible the minidumps I posted are irrelevant at this point.

    The CPU temp in BIOS was @ 47c & the MB was @ 32c (with case closed).

    I'm not sure what the 120c & 80c readings are in SpeedFan, but certainly if anything was that hot, I'd smell something ;)

    Btw, should this be in a different forum?
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