Random Restarts, please help

By ncderek
Dec 26, 2006
  1. hi, this is my first post and topic here, i recently reformated my computer 3 days ago for the first time, so im not too sure about the whole process, i reinstalled everything. i updated my gpu drivers and sound card drivers (i think i got the right sound ones, and im sure about my gpu ones), and i have all of my windows updates.

    yesterday i played a lot of games, a lot of different games too, and only had my computer restart twice, i didnt think much of it. but today, no matter what game, it restarts every single time. sometimes right away, sometimes after 5 minutes into the game, depending on what game.

    sometimes on start up i will get the error message:

    this system has recovered from a serious error, and i can send or not send an error report, and i click on details and it says:

    BCCode : 1000007e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : BFA1C677 BCP3 : EE5D57F4
    BCP4 : EE5D54F0 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1

    so i googled that and found a thread from this website, and followed the directions to right click on my comp, prop, advanced, settings for recovery and to disable auto restart and none for debug. this didnt do it.

    i also tried updating my drivers for the first time since reformating, (my mobo cd says it doesnt have drivers for the cpu i selected and to go to soyo.com which i did) i wasnt sure which driver or drivers i needed so my friend said the top one which is the 4 in 1 one. at:

    so maybe thats still the problem if i got the wrongs ones

    should i try reinstalling my gpu drivers?

    do i need to update my bios, i havnt tried that yet? if so, where from?

    anything else i can do to stop my computer from restarting when i play games?

    i can tell you that my computer is not overheating and nothing is overclocked.

    my cpu is 58c, case 45c, cpu 32c, etc.
    which is great, my vid card is in fact 10-20c cooler now than it was before i reformated on idle, which is neat

    so please please help me,
    i have a 3.06 northwood intel 4 cpu,
    450watt power supply
    9800xt 256mb gpu
    2x512 nanya ram 1gig total
    and the soyo ultra platinum dragon motherboard p4x400

    thanks for any help! and i never had these problems before reformating so im sure its settings or updates i havnt done or did wrong. i only reformated bc of the blaster virus that i couldnt remove but no need to get into that.
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