random restarts with no warning

By chorboys
Sep 26, 2006
  1. title pretty much sums it up. doesnt matter what im doing, how long the machine's been on, whatever. i can be in the middle of a sentence and it'll just restart abruptly. every so often it'll say 'the system has recovered from a serious error. i go to error report and (this time) it says:

    BCCode : 1000000a
    BCP1 : 0003AA92
    BCP2 : 00000002
    BCP3 : 00000001
    BCP4 : 804D9079
    OSVer : 5_1_2600
    SP : 2_0
    Product : 256_1

    what to do? only been happening for a little while now. i just shot all the dust outta the tower to see if that would help. just replaced the heat sink for the processor as well.

    amd athlon XP 2600+
    2.13 GHz, 640 MB of RAM
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Get speedfan from the downloads section and see if its overheating or if any of the voltages are playing up.

    What pc is it and what operating system are you using???
  3. chorboys

    chorboys TS Rookie Topic Starter

    windoze xp pro

    its a frankensystem

    2.13 ghz
    640 ram
    150gig hd
    geforce2 video (runs VERY hot to the touch)
    crappy standardized sound card
    crappy netgear wireless card
    crappy mouse with wheel broken off at a flophouse

    so now i work a ****ing job and do the same thing every day. i like tattooing and its making me a bunch of money, but hitchhiking around the country was a lot more fun and interesing. im not experiencing anything anymore but lame square bull****. the working class is ****ed. work your *** off everyday only so you can go back to your house and sleep cuz you're so damn tired from working. then when you actually want to have any fun you get arrested for drunk in public or something. society is lame and im unimpressed and disappointed with the human race for making such a stupid system.
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