Random Restating! Please Help!

By rmdl51
Nov 14, 2006
  1. Hello! I need your suggestions about this issue that is driving me crazy.

    I built a PC for my parents:
    Celeron D 2.53Ghz
    250GB HDD IDE WD
    1GB DDR PC 3200
    EZMAX PSU 400w

    The problem is that is suddenly restating itself with aparently no reason at all. So, I check the Temps and they are ok, all below 40c, I run memtest+86 to check memory and have no problems, I tried a different PSU (an Antec 550w) and still do the same thing. Im really running out of options, what could it be? sometimes I just turn on the PC and when the Screen of windows XP is loading just flashes and restarts again, sometimes my parens are just surfing the internet and the restart suddenly, sometimes is idle and restarts, and once I was running Prime95 and voila restart! any ideas about what I'm missing here.
  2. Op2

    Op2 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Hello rmdl51,

    I would go to Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Event Viewer, and check Application and System to see what was happening at the same time when the computer shut down automatically.

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