Random Shutdowns, Minidump included

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Apr 3, 2007
  1. Hey, thanks in advance for the help,

    The PC randomly shuts off, sometimes with a BSOD, sometimes it just goes black. I'm not in front of the PC right now but after reading some of this forum I had someone go to that PC and look for minidumps. There were 3 of them on the PC so I had them email them to me so I could convert them to txt files. I'm hoping someone can have a look at these and let me know what it is that keeps causing the PC to shutdown?
  2. Route44

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    Your first two dumps point to the problem:

    A driver has requested that an IRP be completed (IoCompleteRequest()), but
    the packet has already been completed. This is a tough bug to find because
    the easiest case, a driver actually attempted to complete its own packet
    twice, is generally not what happened. Rather, two separate drivers each
    believe that they own the packet, and each attempts to complete it. The
    first actually works, and the second fails.
    Tracking down which drivers
    in the system actually did this is difficult, generally because the trails
    of the first driver have been covered by the second.

    You have two drivers in conflict.

    Dumps 1 and 2 - nwfs.sys which is of Daemon Tools. These dumps show that it attempted to load but couldn't. A lot of people are having conficts with this tool.

    Dump 3 - Inotask.exe which is a part of the eTrust Antivirus/InoculateIT suite from CA. It is used to schedule scans and signature updates.

    Also, dump three mentions memory corruption. To be on the safe side I would run memTest for a minimum of 10 passes.
  3. CTISteve

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    We're not running Daemon Tools, however nwfs.sys is also part of Novell and we are running the Novell Client.

    So you're saying that there are 2 drivers conflicting with each other, one of which is the nwfs.sys file?

    The first 2 dumps are recent, the 3rd dump, I just checked the date on it and it's from 2004 so it's not really relevant anymore.

    Thanks again.

  4. Route44

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    Novell is one I failed to mention, but, yes, Novell came up several times in my research. Sorry for the oversight! it seems to be that when your machine is booting up and loading it there is a conflict in that one loads in the same packet the other attempts to utilize and thus conflict.
  5. CTISteve

    CTISteve TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So if I were to update the nwfs.sys file or the entire Novell Client itself do you think that would solve the problem?

  6. Route44

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    There is quite a bit on the 'net concerning this issue and Novell. I suggest googling and finding the best answer for your situation. Since I have never had to deal with it before I wouldn't want to suggest anything that would cause you damage.

    However, if it was me, I would contact Novell's tech support directly with your issue and tell them what your minidumps have found. They should have an answer.

    Also,often people will update to newer versions when they find problems of this nature and it often corrects the issue. Good luck!
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