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Random Shutdowns. Please help!

By Kohaku
Aug 16, 2006
  1. I've recently purchased new parts for a PC, i've had issues getting the thing to work smoothly but up untill this i've been able to work them out with my trusty friend Google. This, however, has me stumped.
    So here's the dealio: i'm getting random shutdowns with no audio warnings as to overheating, the CPU seems to be running at a cool 38ishC and the one reading I got on my Graphics card said it was running at 50c. All the information on my PC is as follows, if there's something missing just ask and i'll try to get the info:
    MSI K9N-Neo
    OCZ DDR2 PC5400 High Performance RAM 1024MB (2x 512MB matched)
    AMD Athlon 3200+ (socket AM2)
    XFX 7900GT
    (insert two PCIex1 slots here)
    Creative Audigy ZS
    (PCI Slot)
    Belkin High Speed Wireless G Network Adapter.
    1 80mm Coolermaster casefan
    Enermax FMA 460W PSU
    Maxtor 60GB IDE HDD (master)
    Hitatchi DVD Reader & Writer (slave)
    OS: Win2k Professional

    There are two back panel slots open (one on a PCIex1 slot, the other on the PCI slot between the SoundBlaster and the Network Card). To get the system working I had to install Windows again, the other install kept on STOP: 0x7B on me. I did this on the same partition in a different folder. I've since deleted the old folder. A corrupt install of Avast was stopping me logging on to Windows so I went into Safe Mode and uninstalled, downloaded the latest version and isntalled that. Haven't had any problems with that since. It seemed like my Creative Audigy drivers were bust (BSOD) so I un-installed them and haven't got the chance to install the latest ones from the 'net yet.

    Aand that's about it.

    Edit: Errrm, i'm not sure why this is in the wrong forum. I could have sworn I posted it in Other Hardware. If it's a problem sorry ^_^ I look like a right noob now.
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