Random system freeze

By mrtruesdale
Aug 21, 2005
  1. Every so oftem my computer freezes forcing me to turn it off/on again. There doesn't seem to be any one things that triggers it, it happens when playing games or when I'm surfing the net.
    I've run acouple of virus scans and two differents spy ware checkers and come up with nothing. I'm running XP sp2 wth everything up to date.
    One thing it could be is my graphics card, I had trouble installing the drivers which weren't authenticated by windows and when I tried to install them the screen went blank. After upgrading to service pack 2 I was able to get them working with the latest drivers from nvidia.
    Any ideas on what could be the problem? Or even a program of some description that could maybe check my system for me?

    Many thanks

    System spec
    AMD® ATHLON® 64BIT 3200 (Newcastle) 512kb L2 Cache (754 pin)
    1024 MB DDR400 PC3200
    Mobo - HIGH END ASUS® K8V-X
    SATA 160 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
    128MB Inno3d GEFORCE 6600GT 8X AGP + DVI + TV-OUT
  2. poertner_1274

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    You can right click on My Computer and choose manage. In there click on Event Viewer. Once there check for failures.

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  3. Char_X

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    Trouble shooting:
    Spyware Blaster
    various on-line anti-virus/anti-trojan scans
    chkdsk /r
    hard drive diagnostics
    memory diagnostics
    resolve any IRQ conflicts
    update all drivers
    resolve any Event Viewer errors
    reseat RAM
    reseat all PCI cards, IDE cables, drives
    decelerate hard drive (Display>Settings>Advanced>Troubleshoot>slider at half
    disable IE pop up blocker
    set MSCONFIG to normal startup (previously selective startup)
    BIOS changed from pnp OS to no pnp OS, then back again
    temperature OK, fans working
    BIOS update if available
    disable hibernation and disk/monitor shutoffs
    disable screensaver
    disable Windows Firewall, and all exceptions
    security set to medium
    verify router settings
    underclock processor, example: 133 mhz to 100
    Try to check it.
    Good Luck!
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