Rapidly Becoming Disgusted With NEC!!!

By macx
Sep 27, 2006
  1. Bought a new NEC ND3550A about 3 weeks ago, got it
    less than a week later, installed it, put in the accompanying
    NERO CD, - nothing.

    The computer correctly recognizes the burner in My Computer
    and in Device Mgr.

    It won't open any type of recorded CD, and it won't recognize
    a blank one when trying to record. Keeps telling me there's no
    blank CD in the burner.

    Tried both the built in WinXP and Nero Express. Same result.

    Tried a new cable, no different.

    Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no different.

    Got it from Tiger Direct who requires a return auth from the mfg.
    Called the number on the invoice, of course they're only open
    during regular work hours. Well, guess what, I work, too!

    There was a recording at that number that mumbled some website
    that I could supposedly log onto and make a support inquiry.
    Couldn't understand what the site name was, and it wasn't
    spelled out in the recorded message.

    Did a search, found what I believe is the referenced site.

    First, wouldn't let me log in, told me to create a new account.
    So, input all my info, then it says that user already exists.
    Went back, tried to login again, says that user DOESN'T exist.
    So couldn't log in.

    Went to another section of the site, clicked on optical storage,
    found a "support" link, clicked on it, guess what!
    "HTTP-1 New Application Failed" !!!

    What the hell is up with these clowns!!??

    They're sure acting like they're trying to avoid being contacted.

    the site I found was www.necan.com.

    Anybody know anything about this, or any other way to contact
    them over the net for support?

    I'm running out of time to return it.

    Thanks for any insights or suggestions!
  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    got 2 of there 3520A's from newegg
    about a yr now burned about 200 disc not a lot but

    try that
    thats nec america

    I have clients who bought diff parts from tiger 50% failure rates
    everything I buy from newegg 100%
    just a coincidence of course

    RMA is a pain but they did get new parts
  3. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    Hmmm. Probly a coincidence, but ???

    ANYWAY - got ahold of a real live person (!) at NEC USA today,
    described the problem and the fixes I tried to no avail, was kind of
    surprised there was no argument or further suggestions, he just
    gave me a Return Notification #. I told him about my experience
    with their website, he chuckled and said they'd been having
    problems with it. Oh, REALLY?!

    Then called Tiger for a RA #, they didn't even ask for or take my
    NEC RN# when I volunteered it. Coulda saved me a bit of
    frustration, there, too.

    So, gonna send it back, exchange it, see what the new one does.

    Was told by NEC that Windows CD app does NOT work with the
    ND3550A, only things like Nero, and then that had to be v6.0 or
    later. Would have been nice if they'd of incl that info w/the unit!
    I've read a bunch of posts about problems with that unit and
    people trying to use the Windows CD burning app.
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