rather urgent problem with keyboard and mouse

By teedee
Aug 29, 2005
  1. Ok, so i was using a wireless logitech k'board n mouse set off a usb port, all was working fine until i went to delete a usb device i didnt want in device manager, and accidently deleted "usb composite device" not my old printer.

    that usb composite device was the receiver for my mouse and keyboard, so as expected they both stopped, i thought to myself, "its fine i'll disconnect and reconnect it, and everything will be ok" but no the oh so helpful found new hardware wizard pops up, which of course i cant navigate.

    so i thought, ah-ha heres a ps2 mouse and a ps2 keyboard all shall be fine, nope they're recognised in the bios i can go into the bios and say dont use usb keyboard or mouse, but it gets to windows and i cant change the num-lock status or use the mouse. so i plugged in the logitech again, and low and behold they work in the bios but not windows.

    then i booted to safe mode, both ps2 and usb keyboards still don't work

    i have work i need to print out by wednesday morning for an interview, no work - no university for me.

    i also tried use last good config to no avail

    im in desperate need of help, what can you suggest...
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