By lunarblaze
Aug 16, 2010
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  1. im teh blaze, i love computers and am a 'skilled noob' in 3D modeling :)
    currently i have 2 projects going, and another tats on the list of stuff id like to do. i enjoy rts, fps, rpg, and an occasional racing game. a few of my fave games are planeshift, tremulous, skylords, sc4, tankionline, and of course, chess ^^
    anything else? hmm, well my OS is windows XP, and i have a weak computer atm, its an emachine with about a G and a half of ram and a 6100 geforce nvidia graphics card, but the machine is in the best shape of its life and runs like a machine with 2x its ram :)
    atm the things i would like to learn is macros and improve my pitiful texturing skills that i shamefully apply to my beautiful models.
    i know how to handle my computer well, but i am not so familiar with common terminology because much of the things ive learned i had to figure out myself, so please forgive my ignorance.

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