Razer's new 'Wolverine V2' gamepad is optimized for next-gen Xbox gaming


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In brief: If you find the basic Xbox Series X controller to be a bit underwhelming for a next-gen input device, Razer might have some good news for you today. Starting now, you can get your hands on the gaming peripheral maker's all-new "Razer Wolverine V2," a wired USB gamepad designed for the Xbox Series X and S (it works for PC and Xbox One, too).

The Wolverine V2 is certainly more exciting to look at than the standard Xbox Series X controller, with Razer's iconic green accents and busy design, but its featureset isn't that much different. You have the same share, home, and menu buttons that you'll find on the former, they're just arranged a bit differently.

The core differences lie in the Wolverine V2's built-in "slide-lock" buttons, which greatly reduce the actuation distance for each trigger (allow for faster firing or aiming), its rubberized grips, and its "ergonomic," contoured shape.

Without testing the Wolverine V2 ourselves, it's difficult to determine how well that last marketing claim holds up, but based on the images Razer has provided (and critic opinions), it seems comfortable enough.

Razer also promises superior buttons and triggers, thanks to its "mecha-tactile" switch technology. The actuation distance has been reduced to 0.65mm, which Razer says is 35 percent less than that of the "average membrane controller," and each button has a "3-million tap life cycle." In other words, your inputs should register faster than they would on a traditional Xbox gamepad -- whether or not that's a good thing is for you to decide.

The final stand-out feature for the Wolverine V2 is its customizability. Since this is a third-party controller, you can download the Razer Controller Setup for Xbox app on your device of choice (through the Microsoft store) and remap the "multi-function" buttons and triggers to your liking. For example, you could rebind the Menu button to "focus" mode for your thumbsticks, allowing you to decrease your sensitivity and line up more precise shots.

The Razer Wolverine V2 can be snagged today for $99 via Razer's website, and so far, reviews for the device have been mostly positive. Screen Rant calls it the "most comfortable next-gen Xbox controller," and The Verge described it as a "budget-friendly Xbox Elite controller."

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Cool controller, most likely has better than average build quality, but with that price wireless option has to be there, at least Bluetooth.
For $20 more they have the tournament edition of the previous Wolverine controller that features two paddles. For $150, you get 4 paddles. No wireless on any of them, which is still awful. Great controllers, but man...


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I think you guys are missing the point. This product is marketed to people who believe wireless is inferior in their use case for whatever reason and are explicitly looking for a wired option

You can argue whether or not that market exists but it seems pretty clear that's the target.


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Wireless connection is still prone to problems depending on the usecase and while latency today is not an issue, interference can add delay. In my case with a Xbox Series controller and the PC receiver, I cannot have my desk between me and the receiver as ridiculous as it may sound, when the receiver is plugged at the back of the PC. To avoid any issues you cannot have strong signals inside your apartment and the receiver (or Xbox) should be visible without obstacles.

It is understandable why a competitive gamer doesn't want to hassle with wireless stuff. Disturbances like simply battery of your controller running out can be a great nuisance in heat of a game. Wired connection is just pure win all the way in this case.