RCA cables: sound quality vs. price

By Brighter Hell
Dec 5, 2005
  1. A question for you audiophiles. I want to connect my sound card to my receiver so I can get my computer's audio through home theatre speakers. I also want to convert my remaining cassette tapes to digital. The RCA to 3.5 mm jack cables come in a huge variety of prices, from a couple bucks for el cheapos to a small fortune for Monster cables to somewhere in between for mid-priced ones. I'm wondering just how much difference there will be in sound quality, considering what I want to use them for. And how important is gold plating? Thanks.
  2. macrog

    macrog TS Rookie

    There is a huge variety in the quality of cables and plugs. I always go for Oxygen free copper cables and gold plated plugs. The difference in sound quality between good and bad cables can be pretty big. Go for name brands such as audioquest, belkin or pudney.

    I use a X-Fi Elite Pro in one of my PCs and 2 E-mu 1212m's in my other 2 PCs. The sound quality of the X-Fi going through my Linn Pre-power amps and Linn speakers compares pretty well to my much more expensive main stereo.

    Hope this helps

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