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May 31, 2007
  1. Hey

    I am trying to restore my old jem of a pc to its former glory. Its loosing memory left right and centre and there are at least 3 viruses that nothing seems to be able to get rid of. I tryed putting in the boot disk to find it needs a master CD 1. I have no idea what this is as my boot disk is a floppy disk. I tryed to change the boot order to find the message has gone but now it starts to load the system restore program to say it cant find a CD Drive. I need this PC and also in another thread i mentioned the PC tech who i had before put an illegal version of windows on my PC and i cant even change the XP key! so this is my last option. The PC is over 5 years old and Windows wont have anything to do with it and any pc reapir people i take it to wont do anything because its a fake windows and i cant offord a new XP pack (im only a kid!) so you guys are my last resort.

    Hope you can Help

    Thanks in advance Olli T :D

    Sorry i also forgot to say that the PC is a Packard Bell Diamon 1800 5 years old and is running Xp
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    Your system needs a restore CD called MasterCD1, this is supplied by the PC manufacturer, you may be able to buy it from Packard Bell, or someone may be able to give you access to it, ie another Packard Bell owner,

    As long as you have a legitimate key for XP then any XP disk of the same version should work, but however some keys are fixed to certain type of PC manufacturer like PB and Dell and wont take either an OEM version or Retail version of XP ( i think i'm a bit hazy on that point, oh well someone will no doubt correct me if im wrong)

    As for the Tech who fitted an illegal version, if you can find him and you paid him I would consider a strong letter to him at first stating that you feel ripped off and a request to fix it at his/her own cost, if that doesnt work threaten him with legal action in the small claims court, but only if you paid over £50.

  3. rev_olie

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    right ok the only problem is that befor he put the wrong OS on the red disk used to work and only when he put on the OS ut started to not work if you get what i mean and the only CD that come with it was the red floppy with the system restore program on and as far as that there was nothing else with the PC but i dont know wether that changes the situation or not
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    Yeah it does a bit, it means that the hd had a copy of the install in a hidden partition, chances are when the ***** installed XP he has cleared the hidden partition and thus removed any chance you had of recovering the PC to its former glory.

    Your screwed basically and your only option is to obtain a full legit copy of XP and install that.

  5. rev_olie

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    o right ok then lol well thanks for the help anyhow but all i can say really is im gonna sew his **** good and proper :mad: :evil:
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