re-installed chipset, stuck in reboot loop

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Jul 25, 2005
  1. Ok, so this all has its beginnings when battlefield 2 would freeze right after the intro movie. I found somone who fixed the same problem on the same graphics card by setting the AGP settings to x4, so I set about doing that. As it turns out, my AGP settings are disabled, and no matter what I do in smartgart, it keeps changing back after restart. I checked bios, and it's all enabled there. I got a shareware program that was very helpful (called ever-something) and showed the brand/type of all the components on my computer. It also showed that the chipset driver had disabled AGP settings on the video card. So I went to the chipset company's website, downloaded the most recent version, installed it, and restarted.

    Then instead of loading windows, it gives me the screen where I can choose to run in the last successful settings, safe mode, normal, etc. No matter what option I choose, the computer restarts a couple seconds after that, I don't even see the windows loading screen.


    **When I choose safe mode, if displays a bunch of gibberish before rebooting, my friend said it sounded like it wasn't detecting the HD. I went into BIOS and tried to auto detect it and it didn't work.**

    I just got this PC a couple weeks ago. since I can't load it I can't go look at exactly what it has, but from memory it has an AMD processor, 1.8gig, 40gig HD, cdrw drive, the mobo is a gigabyte GA-K8U running I think the F3 BIOS(I flashed F5, no difference, so I went back to the one I had backed up), and the chipset was by Uli Electronics, the M1968. It's runningThe video card is a radeon 9250.

    I'd love to get some guidance/suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks!
  2. cdude93

    cdude93 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh and I'm running windows xp. I don't have a recovery cd or anything like that. Thanks!
  3. Masry King

    Masry King TS Rookie

    i feel very sorry for u

    i wish i could help, but i dont no what to do

    where'd u buy it, maybe u could take it back there for them to check
  4. Abraxas

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    Try to remove the video card and see if you can get into Safe Mode that way.
    Probably your drivers got really messed up.
    You have no recovery cd so I assume you bought it OEM. Trying that would be the next step, I guess, too bad.
  5. danezal

    danezal TS Rookie

    having the same problem

    don't know the cause yet, could be some type of virus or spyware crap for all i know. i reload windows with the six disks and all that jazz, but when after the sixth disk it asks to repair using recovery console i instead hit enter. it will find the copy of windows i can't boot into and then i press the r button to repair and it does. you have to reload the service packs after that and you're back up and going. don't know why it does it though. had to redo mine about six times in the past week! i hate it!
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