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Really Bad Problem with pc and hard drive.

By PCTechie316
Mar 14, 2006
  1. My friend called me a few days ago and said he was having some major pc problems. My friend got a bad virus called jeefoo or something and pretty much infectred everything. only problem is, is he shares it with his family and his mother has administration rights. The mom cant even log in, cause the computer just restarts. She justs wants me to back up her pictures but when i try to go to her hard drive the drive letter H: shows crazy code like the matriz. a bunch of boxes and x's and o's. It unreadable. how can i possibly correct this, so i can back up her pictures so i can trash her hard drive and re configure it? thanks.
  2. JayBot

    JayBot TS Rookie Posts: 17

    Hey try getting into SafeMode by pressing F8 before windows boots up/crashes.

    Not sure what you mean with the matrix, like when you plug the HDD into another computer? If so it sounds like it needs to be wiped.
  3. PCTechie316

    PCTechie316 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 52

    Tried Safe Mode

    Yes I tried booting into SafeMode and it crashed. So i figured it was the O/S. So i tried to plug his hard drive as a slave to my pc and my pc just shuts off too. By the way The files in the hard drive files read like the matrix. lol the text is boxes, and horseshoes.
  4. friend2u

    friend2u TS Enthusiast Posts: 71


    If the pics are in a separate partition you can do a system recovery on the first partition only. You would have to provide more information, are we dealing with XP, 9X, 2000 ? Your friends computer manual should instruct how to perform a system recovery but I feel you may need to have the computers CD's containing the OS and all original installed software usually you can get this for around $25, when I did mine it asked whether I wanted to just do the OS or a full recovery.

    The condition you describe is very indicative of a trashed BIOS which usually occurs when you hard boot a computer over and over due to some existing problem you are trying to work around. I would say that they should find a computer tech who is reasonable and trustworthy I wouldn't try a talk through on the phone because they make take your money and say "ship the computer to us"

    It sounds like you need a professional dont hard boot the computer too much you may end up needing a new BIOS chip and that is another story in itself !

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