Really frustrating stuff

By Timbo63
Apr 3, 2009
  1. Hi people...just signed up here hoping to find an answer to the most frustrating problem I have ever had with my pc.
    I'm not too bad with computers and can generally solve most issues with a bit of Googling but this problem has me stumped.
    Buckle up folks here it is:
    The icons on my desktop that lead to the internet ie Mininova / Google etc only work intermittently, when one works they all work but when one doesn't work none of them do.
    I know my modem is ok because I can ping the website in question with zero loss whilst the pc is attempting to connect.
    My pc is on a 2 machine network along with a wireless laptop.
    The broadband modem and wireless router are all set up correctly to the best of my knowledge as my problem only started after I re-loaded Win xp pro.
    I haven't installed any strange programs and I have both AVG 8 and Paretologic Antispyware to clean out the germs.
    The laptop works perfectly and hooks up to the net very time.
    PC is my own Frankenstein...2GB Ram ...3.42GHz Intel Pentium D dual core...running XP ver 2002 SP3...
    Any help would be met with many thanks.
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