Really high ping in MP online for GT legends

By fnugen
Feb 6, 2006
  1. I have tried 3x now with a couple friends to play GT Legends online and I get VERY big pings. 3500 !!! I have tried disabling the firewall, nothing in processes that shouldn't be running.......nothing in my systray. When on track.......I see them for a second, then gone......stay gone for like 10 or more seconds then POOF right in front of me. I have a strong enough system to run it smooth as glass offline.......amd64 3500+, gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 mobo, 1g OCZ ram in dual channel, ATI x800xl vidcard. My internet is Bell sympatico high speed with a Dl604 Dlink router. I have ran F1c with smooth huge ping. Anybody have any ideas as to what is causing it and how to fix it?? Online is THE reason I bought the game.
  2. fnugen

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    Router firmware is updated to most recent. I tested my latency prior to going into a game tonight...........average around 63ms, but once in game.......that went to a competitor hitting 10000ms.......not kidding. 5sec lag just by going into a game, so I tried a 2nd game..........same thing. I also get a repeated letter thing going..........kinda like this "kkkkiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnddaa llikkkkkkk eeethhhhhiiiiiiii ss" in chat. In compariosn......COD2 runs silky smooth online and always has. Seems to be ONLY gtl that does it which REALLY is annoying as I got it almost exclusively for the online play. Somebody must know something about this ?!?!?
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