really need assistance with my 1st build HDD

By dbonniwell
Feb 7, 2007
  1. I just intalled a new motherboard D975XBX2 and it cannot detect the HDDs
    I connected the DVD master and CD slave drives to the one IDE connector I have on the board.
    I bought an IDE controler board for the two IDE Hard drives I have. One is a 40gig Western Digital (Original) Master
    250gig Seagate (Just bought 1 month ago) Slave
    I checked the controller card and it is seated properly in one of two PCI slots and the IDE cable to primary on the card is properly attached.
    At the HDDs I rechecked the master and slave settings twice and they are ok
    I have the ribbon cable end connector on Mater and the middle connector on slave, power is also connected properly.
    Other things
    1 The 40gig HDD still has Win XP on it
    2 I put the CD in for the drivers on the IDE controler card and does not install.
    3 I simple cannot find Auto detect in Bios it should be in Advanced but it is not there.
    4 When it goes through its self examination a message comes up that the HDD is not detected.
    I tried to reinstall Xp but it gets to a point where it is telling me that the HDD cannot be found
    I am not sure where to take this can anyone please help
  2. mailpup

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    Here's the problem as I see it. You are trying to install the hard drive on a controller card that won't be recognized until you install the controller card driver. But you can't install the driver until the hard drive is recognized.

    Remove the controller card for the time being. On the single IDE controller on the motherboard, install the XP hard drive and one of the optical drives. You can use this configuration to install the drivers for the new motherboard on the hard drive or repair or reinstall XP. Once it's up and running, you can install the IDE controller card and it's driver, and then you can install the other hard drive and optical drive on the controller card.
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