Really weird RAM problem HELP!

By Cdunning83
Jan 24, 2008
  1. Hey everyone. I've had my current PC for about 4 years and I'm ready to re-build it with all new components. I've realized that motherboards and processors are pretty cheap and I can build a decent system for around 400 bucks if I salvage my old case...etc.

    Anyway, I'm having this problem with my old set-up where the motherboard reads the RAM capacity wrong. For example. I put a a total of 1G DDR RAM into my Mobo and it reads it as only 512MB DDR RAM. Then I remove one stick so only 512MB DDR RAM is in and the Mobo reads it as 256MB...I'm really puzzled by this. So in summary my Mobo is reading my sticks of 512mb as 256mb each. I've made sure this RAM is compatible with my motherboard and all that. I have a Intel D865PERL Motherboard and the RAM I have is actually listed as compatible on the Intel support website. Any suggestions would make my day.

  2. AlbertLionheart

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    First point is that if you salvage your old case you will probably have to fit a new PSU to it to deal with the new components.
    Second - that RAM is not compatible with the motherboard. Maybe wrong voltage or wrong speed, but wrong.
  3. Cdunning83

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    good point on the PSU. i've been looking at a 650Watt PSU. My case is ATX it should fit right. Well I'm sending the RAM back. so I'll forget about updating my old system and just concentrate on the new one
  4. Bruce2

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    Good idea, Chris. Besides building your own, recently many people building new game rigs with all the new tech hardware just come out and selling their year old ones. If you look around you can find some really nice $400-$600 deals out there.
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