Realplayer 10 Streams statistics?

By baynes
May 14, 2005
  1. realplayer stats???

    hi there this a long shot but hey maybe someone could help ok here it goes,i
    am a broadcaster i use helix producer to create a real player 10
    stream over the net..Question??? how do i moniter how many people are listening to that stream or any stream that realplayer 10 is playing???

    i have contacted realplayer direct and they have told me they do noy support
    online stats on their streams,but they said there maybe third party software
    i can use to monitor listening stats any one know of any software that would
    be ideal for this job???? :giddy:

    many thanks baynes
  2. jean151515

    jean151515 TS Rookie

    a question

    as i can see, u have managed to creat streams using the Realproducer
    and through a helix server
    well i need ur help in something
    i actually have the program but i dont know what to do to create the stream
    i can choose the input and all but when i come to choose the server. i dont know what to put i think u have to have a helix server or something like that.
    i dont know what to do

    can u tell me what to do ?

    and if u can send it to me by mail i will be pleased
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