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Mar 15, 2002
  1. Is it posible to save realplayer streams? Audio and Video and how do i do it?
  2. SNGX1275

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    I believe you can do this with the version that costs you money, not the freeware one.
  3. boeingfixer

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    Tweak, I did some digging at and found this. See if this helps answer your questions. What version are you running ?

    Real Q & A
  4. Prelapsarian

    Prelapsarian TS Rookie

    The key part of the link is this:

    Note: If the provider has not enabled the record option, the Record selection in the Play menu will not be active.

    Basically, if you have the Plus versions, you can only "record" (save the file) it if the person streaming it configures it that way.
  5. azukre

    azukre TS Rookie

    Yes, that is possible, but I think Real Company consider it illegal to them.

    You can try to find a program called "StreamBOX VCR".
  6. uncleel

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    Azukre! is that really you?!
  7. azukre

    azukre TS Rookie

    Yes, it's me! :grinthumb
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