Realtek AC`97 Onboard sound problems

By styles1590
Feb 9, 2005
  1. I have onboard sound and it randomly freezes up most of the games I play. I know its the onboard because I tried a friends soundcard and the games worked fine. I got the updated drivers from the realtek site, and to no avail. Can anyone direct me to a source of information or a set of drivers that work?

    Games that work:
    Call of Duty

    Games that do not work:
    Counter Strike: Source
    Far Cry
    Alien vs Predator 2
  2. PJH

    PJH TS Rookie

    AC97 Counter-Strike Problem

    Disappointing - installed new ASUS A8V-e deluxe. Sound system (5.1) wrosk from disktop, meaning I can validate all channels. Then, in Counter-Strike, only center, subwoofer work. Any suggests would be appreciated. The A8V-e has limited PCI slots, not much room for a sound card! Plus, I bould the board so I would not need a sound card.
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