Realtek AC97 on Asus A8n problem with 2.1

By nikosk
Jul 31, 2006
  1. Hi, I have an A8n-sli premium mobo, with included a Realtek audio card. I used a 6.1 Creative surround system without any problem. Now I have a 2.1 Teak s-60 system but a problem of configuration/sound.
    The s-60 has 2 speakers connected to a subwoofer. From this one starts the lime green cable directed to the green slot of the mobo/sound card (that has got other 5 slots: yellow for the subwoofer, black, etc)
    The realtek sound manager detects the 2 speakers system, but when I do the test the sound comes from two sources: one speaker and the subwoofer (that is "recognized" as the other speaker).
    The realtek sound control panel (updated) gives the option of a 2 spekers system, 4 speakers, 6.1 and 7.1 (no 2.1, but it shoul be included in the 2 speakers mode)
    Obviously I checked both the speakers and they works fine
    Please help! thnx
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