Realtek AC97 problem (imagine that) PLEASE HELP

By lautbzehn
Feb 28, 2006
  1. Heres the problem, I just got a new hard drive and got a Operating System from a friend (Windows XP Borg Edition). Everything installed just fine except for my sound. The driver i need is for the realtek AC'97. Ive downloaded all the reccommended drivers, installed, uninstalled, troubleshoot, but there is still no sound and my device manager is still showing a yellow exclamation point. I dont know what to do. Could someone please help me!?!?!?! Thank you.
  2. OpTiMuSpRiMe

    OpTiMuSpRiMe TS Rookie Posts: 156

    well for one you need the chipset drivers for the onboard audio... it would also be a good idea to have the oem drivers for the system baord and the rest of the components instead of using the windows default crappy drivers.. need more info from you...system specs like mother board type, be able to you the drivers if not try the update site at HTTP:// or just go to the start button then all progams up to the top then to microsoft update..
  3. Liquidlen

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    Is the XP an O/S upgrade to that machine ? If so make sure you check for Bios updates that may refer to your new config.
  4. mastronaut

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    My Abit motherboard has the same on chip sound as well, I have since invested about $30 bucks for a Soundblaster 24 bit. I had no problems with the sound, but I like having a seperate component do the job. If you are into gaming, having onboard sound can zap your processor speed and cause stuttering during intense fire fights or highly detailed world graphics in game (which can happen with low to midrange systems). Like I said, I had no problems with my onboard sound, it's just my preference. A bios update is your best bet for your problem though, IMO. Good luck! :grinthumb
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