RealTek AC97 problem

By Sean416 ยท 7 replies
Dec 6, 2003
  1. Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to say this a great board, I had a look around and I like what I see. :)

    I have a problem, my girlfriend's computer has no audio when she re-installed XP. She has all the discs with drivers when she purchased the computer, but non of them have the appropriate driver. I downloaded SiSoftware Sandra, and it says there is am obsolete driver for the Realtek AC 97 sound card. I searched high and low and tried maybe 5-6 different drivers that claimed to be the right one with no success. Windows device manager says the driver is installed and working properly (when the driver that windows automaticaly installs, is installed).

    Its an onboard sound card, the mother board is made by Micro-Star Inc. the model number is MS-6580. I'm seriuosly thinking I need to break up with her and run! lol. so if anyone could help me out with this, maybe let me know exactly what driver i need, or if im missing something I would really really appreciate it. Im ready to throw this computer off the balcony.

  2. Didou

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    You might want to try this one -> Download Link

    PS. Welcome to TechSpot. Hope you enjoy your stay.:wave:
  3. werty316

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    Well since it is on-board sound you need to download drivers form the manufacturerss website. Make sure that on-board sound is enabled in the BIOS too.
  4. werty316

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    MSI's website is screwed up. Can't even look for drivers
  5. Sean416

    Sean416 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried the above driver.. no luck.

    The MSI website and the RealTek website dont have the right drivers. :(


    I didnt think the BIOS would be changed seeing how the audioi used to work before the reinstall.. but I did check it out and it is set to "auto".
  6. werty316

    werty316 TS Rookie Posts: 185

    Try setting it to ENABLED in the BIOS if there is an option rather than AUTO. Not sure if this would do anything though
  7. PreservedSwine

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    re-install the chipset driver from MSI. Look on the mobo for some other identification, 6580 is the model, but that not how MSI identifies all thier mobo's anymore...Look for something like "KT ULTRA" or something...MSI loves to use the letters "K" and "T" and a few numbers and "ULTRA" in just about everything. Make sure you get the proper revision number as well.

    After downloading the latest chipset drivers, if that doesn't do it (they will sometimes include audio drivers) then download and install the audio drivers for your board.
  8. newbie5678

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    RealTek AC'97 works great with my onboard soundcard. I have an ECS K5S7A mobo that came with drivers that didnot work at all. The audio was distorted and muffled. The line-in did not work at all. But RealTek fixed all that. Now I have decent 2 ch sound with ~95db SNR and up to 48kHz/320kbps.
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