Realtek AC'97 Voip Problems

By gep · 7 replies
Feb 14, 2006
  1. Hello All, new here, got a problem, don't think it's the sound cards problem, but i not sure.
    Have got a problem with sound, echoing on the Receivers side. It happens on VoipStunt, VoipCheap, Skype e.t.c

    I have a REALTEK AC'97 sound card, has anyone had any problems using this card especially echoing, and if so, how did you sort it.

    Plays CD's video e.t.c ok, just VOIP it has a problem with.

    I have tried everything i know, everything P C World know, tried everything 10 online forums know.

    Smart restore, changed the sound settings, used a Mic, a separateMic/Headset Combi.

    Everything i think, except a new sound card.

    I have a 6 month old Pentium 4, 3.2, 1GB Ram, NTL Broadband I.E. 6 computer, REALTEK AC'97 Sound card, a ATI Radeon 9550 256 Graphics card. Windows XP Pro Media centre.

    Got a Voip phone coming, but, i think that will only give the same Echo on the Receivers side.
    Does not matter whether i call abroad, at home, 0870/0871/020/00/ or whatever, all get an echoing on there landline.

    Don't know whether i should purchase a sound card, what do you think of this one, and will it be o.k. for my computer···st_12950 is there one in the UK cheaper and better than this.

    Here are some results from a test i did, not too bad.

    VoIP Quality Test Results
    Quality Between You and London
    Forget the phone, try Pony Express
    Like tin cans and string
    As bad as a crummy cell phone call
    As good as a decent cell phone call
    Your score: 3.9
    Like calling next door
    Better than being there!
    Test Details The information below explains why your call quality score (MOS) was less than perfect.
    MOS Analysis From You TO London
    Media Quality MOS 3.9 / 5.0 (Best with G.711 is 4.4)
    Degradation Sources
    Codec 0.57 51.6%
    Latency 0.00 0.0%
    Packet Discards 0.46 41.4%
    Packet Loss 0.08 6.9%
    Codec G.711 (PCM at 64kbps,
    20ms RTP payload,
    80kbps IP BW)
    Latency 88 ms
    Packet Discards 1.6%
    Packet Loss 0.3%
    Loss Periods Min: 20 ms
    Avg: 20 ms
    Max: 20 ms
    Random Loss
    Jitter Min: 0 ms
    Avg: 7 ms
    Max: 33 ms
    Signaling Quality Post-Dial Delay 63 ms
    Call Setup Time 79 ms
    Media Delay 157 ms
    MOS Analysis FROM London To You
    Media Quality MOS 4.4 / 5.0
    (Best with G.711 is 4.4)

    Degradation Sources
    Codec 0.58 100.0%
    Latency 0.00 0.0%
    Packet Discards 0.00 0.0%
    Packet Loss 0.00 0.0%
    Codec G.711 (PCM at 64kbps,
    20ms RTP payload,
    80kbps IP BW)
    Latency 88 ms
    Packet Discards 0.0%
    Packet Loss 0.0%
    Loss Periods Min: 0 ms
    Avg: 0 ms
    Max: 0 ms
    No Loss
    Jitter Min: 4 ms
    Avg: 6 ms
    Max: 20 ms
    Signaling Quality Post-Pickup Delay 57 ms
    Call Setup Time 82 ms
    Media Delay 105 ms

    Thanks, GEP
  2. darkstuarez

    darkstuarez TS Rookie Posts: 59

    I'm just gonna guess you have an up to date sound driver.
  3. gep

    gep TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Re:Echoing problem

    Hello darkstuarez, thanks for your reply.

    I went to the Packard Bell Update website for a driver update, and downloaded the update given. It caused a problem, or rather a few, so rolled back the driver.

    Not sure if theres another update elsewhere for my Sound card.

    Do you know of one.

    REALTEK AC'97 Audio Realtek ACL-655 AC'97 onboard audio solution, used with a SiS chipset.
    Present Driver Version: tried the 5790 it caused a problem or two. If theres another update elsewhere?

    Thanks for your reply, GEP
  4. ecarnevale

    ecarnevale TS Rookie

    Same problem with echo on Voip using Realtek ac 97

    Hi Gep

    I have read here and in another forum about the problems you experienced using Voip having a Realtek sound chip.

    Have you ever found a solution for it? I am having the same 'echoing' on my voice to the receiver...

    Please let me know if you know what to do.


  5. the bacon

    the bacon TS Rookie

    Do any of you have a microphone? if you do unplug it or:
    start -> control panel -> sounds and audio devices -> voice... and configure as you please
  6. gep

    gep TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Possible fix for sound quality in Voip

    Hello Ecarnevale, i downloaded the latest drivers for my Realtek, but the biggest help and i am sure was the most benefit, was, i asked NTLworld my Broadband cable provider for an increase from 1MB. They increased it to 4MB for me. This has solved the problem. I am 90% sure it was the increase in speed, especially the Uplink, as i was getting fast downloads on 1MB, just was not sending quick enough. I now get over 500 sometimes near a 1000.
    Todays reading is: Your line speed: 6580.6 Kbps 806.5 K bytes/sec from here:

    Make sure you check what version you have before downloading this Realtek driver.
    If you have a different make, find your Makes download through a google search, or ask your manufactuer.'97&tag=srch

    Let me know.

    Hope this helps, GEP

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  8. gep

    gep TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No Advertising

    Hello Longhorn, this board is not for Posting Advertisements, its a forum for helping each other to sort problems out on computers, not to extract money from people.


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