RealTek HD audio Manager mic problems

By Alucarrdd
Jan 14, 2007
  1. I got a new computer this Christmas and inside it is the RealTek HD audio manager as my sound, and currently when I am in vent or Battlefield 2, people can hear themselves AND my game over my mic even though I'm using a headset and speakers aren't even plugged in to my comp. There is another guy as well who has the same exact problem, is it just that realtek sucks or is there some sort of problem that can be solved? Please help if possible, thanks.
  2. Dougle

    Dougle TS Rookie

    yes this is my problem 2

    does any1 have any solutions
  3. d3fct

    d3fct TS Rookie

    Turn down your stereo mix, or mute it in the recording properties.
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