Realtek no sound. HELP!!!

By Vincent
Sep 27, 2005
  1. Hi, I've seen similar problems on this forum, but no solution applied to me.
    I've just bought a brand new Gigabyte K8NS mainboard with integrated Realtek AC97 Sound chip. The problem is that whenever I connect the speakers to the line out the jack sensing utility recognises it as a Line In, so I can't get ANY sound at all. Tried connecting to the microphone and the line in plug, but it still recognises it as a line in device.. The speakers are good, tested it on a different computer. I have not connected the Front Audio Panel, and the jumpers are set as it's shown in the manual- pins 5-6 and 9-10 are jumpered. I've tried messing with speakers settings, and none worked. (this are 2-chanell stereo speakers). When I dissable the UAJ (universal audio jack) feature, it doesn't swap the line-out into line-in, but still no sound.. this has been a little flustrating, cause I've spend 3 days trying to get it working, with no success.. and I don't want to buy a new PCI soundcard. Please Help.
  2. mekast

    mekast TS Rookie

    ya, i bought an asus p4mx-vp, and the sound wouldn't work, but when you bought the mothereboard, did it's installation disk come with an installation program for your sound card? This is what happened to me, i had to install the sound card, for it to work, even though it was part of the motherboard.
  3. Vincent

    Vincent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    There was only one disc with all the software and drivers for both motherboard and the soundcard. So I installed it, and the soundcard is recognized in device manager, it looks like drivers are all ok, I've checked it million times.. I think the problem is something with that Sound Manager, and it's Jack Sensing feature, cause it always shows Line In instead Line Out, no matter where I connect the speakers.
    Thanks for Your reply.
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