Rebooting while scanning for viruses problem

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Jul 15, 2003
  1. Need some help

    Ok not sure what Is goin on so I will start with listing my computer specs and windows OS. Microsoft Windows XP Pro 2002 Version Service Pack 1. Computer AMD Athlon(TM) XP 1800+ 1.53 GHz 512 MB of Ram Geforce 4 Ti 4200 Latest drivers.

    I reformated my computer a few months ago and don't really download much stuff apart from mmorpg games had no problems. and notice passed few days i had a few randomly restart on computer wasent too sure what it was or why it was happening only just started a few days ago during playing games. So fought I would run a few checks on windows with norton system works and on my hard drive found no problems then went to run norton virus scanner and during the scan it rebooted my computer like it was doing on my games. I have tryed many virus scanners ad scanners online free scanners and on all of them they reboot my computer i have latest norton up to date firewall and anti virus all ways kept up 2 date. Is this a virus becouse it seems to just reboot computer in the middle of scanning computer for virus's if so this is a smart virus I had last virus check on wednesday in the passed week and havent change anything on my computer like drivers.

    Any help would be great thanks.
  2. acidosmosis

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    Some viruses are known to become active when a Virus Scan is initiated, others can avoid it. Most do neither. You may have gotten one of those viruses though. It is definately possible.

    Recently, all of the sudden I was experiencing a problem where when playing Battlefield 1942 the game would just close suddenly without warning and no errors. I hadn't changed anythign on my system in the last week so I was a bit confused on what was going. I tried a lot of different things to fix the problem including a complete reinstall of the game (after uninstalling).

    Not that I am 100% sure but I think my problem was a virus. I installed Norton Antivirus temporarily and ran a scan on my PC. We all know that if you use the Internet a lot your PC is going to have numerous viruses sitting idle. Normally I can see 2-3 everytime I run a scan -- usually some sort of idle backdoor for IRC or something similiar. After running the scan and getting rid of some of those files I didn't have the problem anymore.

    If indeed you do have a virus then I would suggest possibly trying Mcafee Virus Scanner and see if the virus is able to get pass that also. Though I am going to assume that the problem isnt a virus.

    Lots of times shut downs are due to faulty PSU's (or just cheap PSU's) because most power supplys do not output the wattage that they claim to. This is why most of us here at Techspot purchase power supplys like Enermax.

    If you have an extra power supply sitting around somewhere or that you can borrow possibly, you might want to hook it up and see if it makes a difference. If so you need a new PSU.

    Have you updated any software lately?

    Installed any new software?

    Made any system settings changes?
  3. JSR

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    re-install the os

    it's gonna save everything, including your virus, if you have one.........yet, if it's just windows related, run your disc through
  4. Nic

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    No need to reinstall the OS just yet, but keep it in mind if all else fails. Firstly, the problem could be due to a damaged system file. To check for, and repair, any damaged system files do the following ...

    1. Put your WinXP CD in your drive tray.
    2. Go to Start|Run and type in "sfc.exe /scannow" (without the quotes). The system filechecker will run and replace any damaged system files.

    System files can become damaged if your system crashes while one of these files is being accessed, or even if modified by a virus. If this was the case, then that should fix it.

    Something else you could try is to run the system restore utility Start|All Programs|Accessories|System Tools|System Restore, and select a restore point prior to your problem occurring.

    Finally, you may need to format your drive and reinstall everything. This should eliminate any viruses that may be lurking in the backgroung, and should make your system like new again.
  5. Gizy

    Gizy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I havent installed anything new that I can remember I will try borrow a new PSU and if that doesent work will run my windows cd to check missing files or errors.

    Thanks for the fast repply's, I bet it is a virus though it seems weird how it seems to reboot when i try and scan my computer
  6. Gizy

    Gizy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Mcafee Virus Scanner just tryed this insted of rebooting computer with this online scanner it came with with Internet explorer problem send the problem to windows. Guess its a virus as every time i try a virus or trojan and ad scanners it just reboots.
  7. michalsz2

    michalsz2 TS Rookie

    Rebooting while virus scanning

    Hello, i have a problem with some virus.
    I used few diferent scaners, Norton, Mcafee, Troyan cleaner etc.
    Every time I try to scan looks like scaning is geting to that virus and Computer is shuting down. I tried Safe mode as well.
    Any ideas what i can do, so scan will go to the end and PC will stay up?
  8. J2ThaC

    J2ThaC TS Rookie

    Rebooting problems as well

    yeah, i'll get straight to the point instead of annoying you with blabber... which is what i'm doing.. ok, so i'm playing warcraft 3... 15 minutes or so later.. boom. my computer restarts and then when it loads back up, it says that it has recovered from a critical error. the same type of thing happens when i do a virus scan. (i use Norton) whats got me stumped, is that its not constant. sometimes the scan will be open for a couple seconds.. and it happens. other times a few minutes, and sometimes (get this) it will complete the scan, and i close the window.. and then it happens.. i don't get whats going on here!!.. oh yeah, i also reformatted my computer when this started happening before hoping to cure the problem.. but the saaaaaame thing is happening... any thoughts, ideas or questions?
  9. ru_ready

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    reboot your machine to safemode with networking (F8) on boot up

    after it goes to safe mode.... open internet browser... goto one of or all of these




    each of these have a pc live scan on them, they will scan live for adware, trojans, viruses and the muck.

    in safemode this will load only the minimum of drivers... so if a virus is triggered / found in a live scan... it is possible that it wont reboot your machine....

    on panda scan and i think f-secure... it will find the adware but it will tell you where the things are hidden in your regestry and you will need to delete manually.... (save the scan file to desktop for easy recovery)

  10. martinluther

    martinluther TS Rookie

    Some malware infects your system restore files too. So you might clean it out and it will reappear when you restart your pc. If this happens you have to turn off system restore to get your pc to delete all the restore points. I dont know if the online scans tell you, but BitDefender when installed will show you which an archive is infected and cant be cleaned.

    Mark Sullivan, Team
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