Recommend 1 TB SSD please


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I'm looking for a 1 TB SSD to replace my Samsung 500 GB 850-EVO SSD, with SATA connection. Can someone please recommend a good one to buy that's reliable, durable, good read/write speed, etc? My intention is to clone my existing system drive (Windows 10) into one partition in it and clone my previous SSD (Windows 7) into another partition so I have a dual boot-up options; as currently I have some old software which only work in Win-7 and I don't want to keep opening my PC to swap the drives out physically.



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The big names like Samsung and Intel are worth the extra money..
Spend time checking things out before embarking on the project. You are going to be putting all your eggs in one basket. If the W7 drive is one you used to upgrade into W10 there may be extra problems. Microsoft doesn't like two copies of an OS on the same computer. I tried that once for backup purposes and it soon turned bad. You could use a virtual solution like VMWare Workstation (free). That way you boot W7 from inside W10 which is the Host OS. W7 would be the Guest OS. VMWare Workstation creates a virtual copy of W7 for you. Dual booting isn't something I've ever tried but whatever you do make sure that essential personal stuff is backed up.


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You can't go wrong with Samsung drives like the 870 EVO. Or you could go with something a bit cheaper like the Crucial MX500, Seagate BarraCuda Q1 or Kingston A400.