Recommendations for a Gecko based browser compatible with Firefox plugins


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I've been running Waterfox Classic for years. I have an ancient Phenom II machine and on this machine and others, I have been experiencing a high rate of tab crashes with Waterfox Classic.

To fix that on the PCs I run that support SSE 4.2 (the Phenom II does not) I have installed Waterfox G4.0.3.1. After figuring out how to import my Waterfox Classic profile and finding a good cookie plug in (Forget Me Not) as well as installing uBlock origin, I am a happy camper on all but the Phenom II PC.

So here are my requirements.

  1. Gecko based so that I may import my Waterfox Classic profile on that machine (lots of bookmarks, etc, that would be a pain to recreate)
  2. Supports Firefox plugins.
  3. I really only need browser functionality
  4. Preferably aimed at those who value privacy.
  5. Not necessarily aimed at the tech geek. I.e., it has to be relatively simple to customize without an indepth understanding of the inner workings of browsers. (Yeah, I know. It sounds silly, but I would prefer to not take the time to have to figure out what the "simple" settings do.)
  6. Not necessarily highly optimized like Waterfox needing SSE4.2 - must be able to run on Windows 10 Phenom II PC.
So far, I have identified Comodo IceDragon as a potential, but I am leary of the fact it is made by Comodo.
Any suggestions would be welcome. I am thinking about replacing this PC with more modern hardware, but the current situation with prices are giving me pause about doing that since I have another, more powerful PC that I would also like to upgrade.


Posts: 7,697   +6,635
If anyone is interested, I tried Comodo IceDragon and there is no way to import my profile from a file. So, that's out. Same with Opera.

I may just end up using Waterfox classic until I upgrade this PC.