Recommendations for Graphics Card.

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Feb 21, 2005
  1. I'm sick of reaserching graphics cards. puke: Can I get some recommendations for a card. Better if it's under $150. AGP interface.

    I have a
    Dell D 4600
    Intel p4 3.06ghz
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    dont under any circumstance go with the's screwed up if you thing turbocharge would make any difference,first this gpu has 2 is an underclocked 6600 ok with that but another version which has a totally different core altogether and something called turbocharge(pci express only)that uses the systems ram like shared memory device at a higher bandwith.but the overall result isnt can consider a geforce 6600 gt 256mbdd2 from newegg for around 170$(might be a bit cheaper than that).but you'll get your money's worth.its an agp version so its good and tried there.dont go with 6200 under any circumstance-try and look around for a geforce 6600(gt/non gt),ati 9800/9600,x300/x500,fx 5600/ these are all older models so they might be priced a bit higher.sorry if a i am confusing you further but the bottomline is a geforce6600 gt with 256 mb ram might stretch your budget for about 15-20$ but it will be worth every penny of go with a 6600 gt than a 6200.
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    Thank u everybody.
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    hey whats about ATI RADEON 9600XT?
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    GET THE 9700! its avialable for 50-80 dollars and blows away the geforce 6200, radoen 9600, 9500, and is comparable to 9800,
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