Recommended OC components?

Apr 17, 2007
  1. Hi everybody,

    I have a Vapochill XE case currently housing a P4 system, but I'd like to replace it with a core2 system.

    I'm thinking I can get new proc, mobo, ram and graphics card and use the existing Vapochill setup to get a fast system.

    I'm looking at the E6700 or QX6700 (though the latter is pricey!), and I've heard that they are good (even warrantied??) for OCing. Is this right?

    What do you guys think of the processor choices - better options? Also can anyone suggest a well reviewed motherboard, graphics card (with one dual link DVI) and RAM for a decent stable system. I do video work and 3D and would rather a stable system than a crazy fast one - however, a quad 3.2-3.6 system sounds pretty sweet!

    Any advice?

  2. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    Hi ZIGZAG,

    the best overclockers are the low-end processors. this is because CPU models based on the same core will all have a similar overclock ceiling. the advantage to the higher models is that you have higher multipliers to work with, however that doesn't necessarily mean that it will overclock any higher. that being said, you may wish to save your money and go with a lower model.

    yes, they are excellent overclockers. no, they are not warrantied for good overclocking. you will void your warranty by overclocking (however, there really is no way they can tell unless you say you O/C'ed it ;))

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