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Oct 16, 2002
  1. Record MP3 files

    I have downloaded some mp3 and m3u files from the Internet. They are audio recordings. I thought that they were totally stored on my hard drive however, when I tried to play one, it was no longer available. My assumption now is that the file was going back to the original web site to get the file and that the file on my hard drive was only a "shortcut" to their file.

    They are evidently deleting the oldest files as they add new ones. Is there a way I can record the files on my hard drive so that I will not be influenced by whatever they do on the web site?

    I have Windows media player and RealOne player. Both just basic free downloads.
  2. Phantasm66

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    OK, I am several beers on here, but it seems likely from your post that you have been listening to music that has been streaming (i.e. playing as it downloads) from web sites and NOT actually downloading them to your HDD.

    By the time the song has finished, ALL of it will reside on your hard drive. I suggest doing a search in Temporary internet files folder for the relevant files BEFORE closing whatever media player you are using....

    Temporary Internet files in win9x is just a subdirectory of the windows folder but in win2k and winxp its in the Documents and Settings folder, in there under a folder which is titled as your user name....

    I think this is the answer to your question... its a little vague so if I haven't answered please post back and we will help you....
  3. thewolfe

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    I did check and there was a file of the file I was playing.

    Question - Is saving that file to my hard drive any different than
    going to the website and right clicking on the mp3 file and "Save Target As" and then saving it to a folder on my hard drive?
  4. Phantasm66

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    Well, if I read your post word for word, then NO.

    A file is a file is a file is a file. What you are proposing is probably better than what you have been doing....

    Given that, if you are still having an issue (perhaps something that you do not understand) then ask..... I am here to answer questions...
  5. MrGaribaldi

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    And btw...
    an m3u is a winamp generated playlist, and not actual music...
    But it should contain the information on where the files are on the server, so you can download them...

  6. thewolfe

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    Record m3u files

    Record m3u files

    Unfortunately from all that I am learning many of my saved files are and were m3u files that are disappearing as the site adds new ones and deletes the older ones.

    Is there any way to record the m3u files so I could save them to my hard drive?
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