Recording guitar with software to mp3 format ??

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Jul 23, 2006
  1. I have decided to try and do some recording of my guitar onto my HDD. I am using my electrics so running through the sound recorder is obviously crap for this...only 1min time limit. Is there a free recording program that allows recording into MP3 format?? I have one that records fine, but only into .wav format. I tried to convert into MP3, but when I do....the new mp3 runs VERY slow. It's like it's converted at 1/5th the speed. I've tried 4 different mp3 converters with the same result. There must be some guitar players here who record onto their HDD, and started somewhere....I am not ready to drop a couple hundred into recording software for the level of player I am. Any suggestions?? I have Audacity (which records into .wav) and Kristal. TIA
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    Audacity will also save as an mp3 but you will need the Lame file first, just save the Lame file to your PC in any folder (My Documents is easiest) and then when recorded in Audacity, Export as MP3 and then point Audacity to the Lame file and it will save as MP3.

    Lame File

    Youll only need to point Audacity to the Lame file the first time.
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    Thanks for the link. I put it in a folder and pointed Audacity to it. It now DOES export as an MP3, but it's really REALLY small (like 21kb), and there are a TON of .au files in the directory as well. I try to play the mp3, I get hangs my player. I can't play anything else in it until I "end task", even though I have closed the program. I have to taskmanager it to clear it. Any ideas on THAT problem now ?? It's not the player, I checked with 4 other mp3 songs. I'm lost. What started out as an idea is turning into a headache.
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    Have you tried adobe audition? I have used it with a mic and through a line in and its pretty good. Its one of the best music editing programs out there.
    Friend of mine has made a full album using it.
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    I work with Audacity a lot, and the .au files belong there. But your mp3s should be seperate.

    Are you seeing anything like You should have a file: guitar.aup, a folder: guitar_data, and maybe another file: either guitar.bak or guitar.aup.bak .

    These all belong to your original Audacity file. If you don't see guitar.mp3, maybe they're going to a different directory or your lame encoder isn't working right?
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